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2525 Studios

Why Us? Why This? Why Now?

We are a small independent studio focused on creating original film and animation content while telling stories that connect people and have depth. Our passion for storytelling drives us to create unique and impactful content that resonates with our audience. We are committed to telling stories that leave you better than they found you. Maybe it’s just a tiny bit better, as long as you experience something positive we’re on the right track. Our characters reflect the complexity and diversity and humanity of real people: stumbling, learning, growing, connecting and often overcoming.

Why Us?

We are purpose-driven.  We are committed to embracing diversity and inclusion (within our team and in our stories) to tell compelling, original stories with 360⁰ characters that mirror our world. With years of experience mastering our respective crafts and unique perspectives, we deliver impactful and genuine content. Join us, and together we can work to captivate hearts, expand minds, and leave a lasting impression.



Why This?

Guru Mer Kaba and many of our other stories have complex concepts presented in fun and engaging ways. Rather than focusing on the conventional “beat em up and put them in jail” approach to fixing a problem, our character pinpoints the root and helps the assailant realize their own unhealed trauma in impactful, engaging, and surprisingly, mind blowing scenes.

Why Now?

Now more than ever, we see extremism on the rise with inadequate methods and tools for healing it. We desire to challenge and also allow our viewers to think about these issues from a different perspective. Our stories and characters can be those tools to help give our society the chance at working together for a happier tomorrow.

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